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List of Required Documents

The Table below shows the list of documents required from the applicant to proceed with the application for Citizenship:

1 AB1 – Citizenship by Investment Application Original
2 AB2 – Photograph and Signature Certificate Certified copy
3 AB3 – Medical Certificate Original
4 AB4 – Investment Confirmation Original
5 AB5 – Agent Original
6 Real Estate sales and/or a purchase contract

(for client applying through real estate option only)

7 Passport Form over 16 years old

(applicable only to each applicant aged above 16)

8 Passport Form under 16 years old

(applicable only to each applicant aged below 16)

9 Passport-size colored photos x8

(Note: less than 6 months old)

10 HIV (AIDS) test results (Note: less than 3 months old, for all applicants 12 years and older) Original
11 Birth Certificate Certified copy
12 National Identity Card or Social Security Card Certified copy
13 Passport Copy Certified copy
14 Police Certificate

(Note: Less than 6 months old; Any country where they have lived for more than 6 months over the last 10 years and all countries of citizenship. This is required for each applicant above 18 years old).

15 Marriage Certificate

(if applicable)

Certified copy
16 Divorce Certificate

(if applicable)

Certified copy
17 Military records (Each applicant if applicable) Certified copy
18 Name Change, Documentation i.e. deed poll, adoption papers, etc.

(Note: Each person if applicable)

Certified copy
19 Professional Reference (less than 6 months old) Original
20 Bank Reference

(less than 6 months old, from which you will be sending funds to the Government of Antigua & Barbuda)

21 Evidence of residential address x 2

A recent utility bill (less than 3 months old)

A lease/tenancy agreement or certificate title

Original/Certified Copy
22 Employment letter and or corporate documents Original
23 Confirmation letter from Institute of Higher Learning

(Note: showing start and end dates of the course – for each applicant and or each adult dependent aged 18 to 25 years old)

Certified Copy
24 AB2 – Photograph and Signature Certificate Original
25 Proof of Address
(For each adult dependent aged 18 to 28 not living with parents or attending university)
26 Other supporting documents
(for each applicant if applicable)

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