About Alfred MBC

Alfred-MBC is a diverse group of companies.

We offer an efficient consultancy and global strategic business solution to the variable clients for different consultancy services.

Our Activities

Alfred-MBC has continued to expand its operations globally

to provided effective strategic business solution and consultancy services in the following areas

Management Consultancies

We at Alfred MBC are specialized in emerging markets, offeri...

Sourcing & Procurement Consultant

We at Alfred MBC offer a total Supply Chain Management solut...

Conferences and Seminars Organizing

We conduct various seminars, conference and symposium organi...

Marketing Management

We provide assistance to business in offering an efficient a...

Marketing Research & Consultancies

We offer assistance in Conducting Field surveys and Question...

Citizenship Consultancy

With our knowledgeable and trained consultants in second Cit...

Get Your Second Citizenship

Visa Free to over 150 Countries, Tax Free and Guaranteed Citizenship.

Our Goal

With the vision to expand more into a wide-reaching prosperous company.

Recognized for its honesty, integrity, inspiration & highest level of customer satisfaction. The company's goal is to continously improve their services. while complying with the highest standards of the business ethics and integrity.

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