Our Activities



With our highly trained consultants and professionals, our company aims to impart greater knowledge to all people in the field of business.

We provide support and professional training for individuals and companies located in GCC.

We offer Professional and Management Development training that aims to develop an array of short duration courses for Management, Professional and Personal Development, which includes training in areas such as education, social and behavioral development, management, secretarial skills, and human resources.

The training programs of the company targets to affect the individual’s mental and social capacities through the development of the personal skills, which cover, argumentation and presentation, communication, cooperation, development of behavior, development of mental skills, publics speaking, self-esteem skills, social competence, time management and leadership.

We promote an interactive ways of learning by involving the participants in the discussion that encourage self-confidence and creativity.

For more information, send us an email to:info@alfred-mbc.com

Our number one priority is to keep our customers satisfied. To achieve this, we create different strategies to continuously improve our services to exceed our customer satisfaction.

Our Goal

With the vision to expand more into a wide-reaching prosperous company.

Recognized for its honesty, integrity, inspiration & highest level of customer satisfaction. The company's goal is to continously improve their services. while complying with the highest standards of the business ethics and integrity.

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